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25th Annniversary Dinner and Dance 27February 2011 at 7.00 p.m.

by Secure Scaffolding - 23:57 on 29 November 2010


Lefkara Association of   Great Britain,  Community House, Room 4.     311, Fore Street,   London, N90PZ          Registered Charity number 295494  
Tel; 020 8807 7824 fax ; 020 8379 3417 Email; gsavva49@hotmail.co.uk website; www.lefkaraassociation.org.uk
                                                                                                                                                        December 2010
Dear Sirs,
Our Association is organising a dinner and dance on Sunday the 27th  February 2011  at 7.00 p.m.  to mark its 25th year of continues voluntary and educational work in our community and elsewhere. We plan to set a souvenir brochure for the event and will like to ask if you and or your company can help in any way to support the event and our efforts.
Lefkara Association has highlighted a large number of issues  which are of interest to the community and our latest seminars were held recently had a great impact in the community.
These ranged from Knife and Violence issues, Drugs and Alcohol, and the third seminar in a series titled “make your own identity” was around Education Training and Apprenticeships.
Our Association will continue its noble work with further seminars on “Breast Cancer” “Diabetes”  around the Drugs and Alcohol abuse and under the title “what’s your poison,” “Drugs Alcohol and Culture”
These seminars were highlighted in the local and national press and radio and TV internationally.
We will like to continue offering help in the community and our future seminars will include among others lecture on “Diabetes” and “Breast Cancer” Facilities for the youth   and will also organise seminars for the return of the Elgin marbles and on many other issues.
Please find attached a form for you to fill for your company’s logo name and address
We have on record your company’s logo address etc and if you are interested in putting an advert in our brochure (copy of brochure will be sent to you) please fill the form and send it back to us in the stamped address envelope provided. Include logo and new address if they have changed the last month.
The price for a full page is £60.00 (A4size) and £40.00 for half page
Back cover £150.00 inside front cover 150.00 subject to availability.
Tickets for the D&D £25.00 and ( £12 for children under the age of 12) hot buffet food, live Greek Band Music, Raffle Prizes with First Prize one Air return ticket to Cyprus,./kindly donated by Cyprus Airways,  plus many more prizes
Please make cheques  payable to Lefkara Association of Great Britain.
May   I thank you in advance, for your support on behalf of Lefkara Association of G.B.
For more details please see attached papers.
Yours faithfully
George Savva
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