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Pleanty of photos  and video  on Lefkara Association of GB  official facebook  from the successfull Vasilopitta  event on Sunday 21st January 2018





08/01/2017 AT

Cypriot Community

Centre Earlham

Grove N22 5HJ at


All Welcome


If you are coming

please phone 020

8807 7824 for

catering purposes 



Lefkara Association of   Great Britain,   Community House, Room 4.     311, Fore Street,   London, N9 0PZ          Registered Charity  number  295494 

 31 Years dedication of charitable work in serving the community

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Tel: 020 8807 7824  fax:; 020 8379 3417     email:



To All Lefkarites, Friends and Supporters of the Lefkara Association of Great Britain.



An invitation is extended to you and your family to the  AGM  which is to take place on Sunday 8th January 2017 at 2.45 p.m. at the Cypriot Community Centre Ealham Grove N55 5HJ






1 Welcome and prayer


2 Apologies for absence


3  Minutes of the AGM held on 20th Ocober 2017


4 Matters Arising from the minutes


5  Report of the outgoing Chair, Secretary , Treasurer , Liason Offcers, any other reports 


6  Election of new committee


7  General Discussion on future activities and fund raising events


8  AOB


If you are coming please inform the Secretary on 020 8440 6822 Also if you wish to be a committee members please let Anna Kounis know.

At the conclusion of Business   the Cutting of Vasiloipiutta will take place and  hot buffet and live music will be provided courtesy of Lefkara Associatiuon 


The Mayor of Enfield Cllr Bernadette Lappage will be in attendance


Please inform other Lefkarites of the AGM 




Lefkara Association of GB AGM 08/01/2017


Cypriot Community Centre Earlham Grove N22 5HJ

Ο Σύνδεσμος Λευκαριτών ΜΒ θα έχει την Γενική του Συνέλευση την Κυριακή 8ην Ιανουαρίου 2017 και ώραν 2.45 μ.μ. στο Κυπριακό Κυπριακό Κέντρο Wood Green Earlham Grove N22 5HJ και καλεί όλους τους Λευκαρίτες φίλους και υποστηρικτές να είναι παρών Θa επακολούθηση το κόψιμο της Βασιλόπιττας εάν θα έλθετε Τηλ., 020 8440 6822  Ζωντανή Μουσική με τον Ηλία Μαρωνίτη και τους συνεργάτες του

Lefkara Association will hold its AGM on Sunday 8th January 2017 at 2.45. p.m. at the Cypriot Community Centre Earlham Grove N22 5HJ The Mayor of Enfield Bernadette Lappage will be attending The traditional Vasilopitta will take place at the conclusion of the AGM business Live music by Elia Maronite If you are attending or would like to be a committee members please Tel 020 8440 6822








Please keep this date in your diary  for the AGM and the traditional  "cutting" of the Vasilopitta. 


Mayor  of Enfield Cllr Bernie Lappage  confirmed she will be attending,   at around 4.00 p.m following our AGM 


Food will be served at around 4.00 p.m.   Would like to ask that all those attending are on time as the AGM will start exactly at 2.45  p.m. 


The catering staff will serve food by 4.00 p.m. and need to finish the  AGM  business by then.


Varnava to send £100.00 deposit to Cypriot Community Centre 



Please pass the information to other Lefkarites 

Live music 





Thank you 




Kind regards 




George Savva 


020 8807 7824










Important Seminar on Healthy Living 


All Free 


Healthy Food will be offered All Free


Charity Number 295494 To reserve your seats please phone Anna  020 8807 7824


or email:



Places are going fast


So book yours now 

We will be promotiong healthy living all free 




[HHASC637 Lefkara Healthy Eating Seminar_v2 (1)]




Lefkara Association 



Charity Number 295494

Healthy Living Seminars for 2016



January 21st 2013 at 6.30


Venue St Demetrios Church Hall Town Road / Logan Road N9 0PL




Free seminars free healthy food and refreshmnets.


Experts will be giving advice and for those who request in advance will be a one to one session


Reserve your place s now to avoid dissapointment


Phone 020 858077824



These seminars are supported by the London Borough of Enfield


Click for Map

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